TAIT BarShield 1

BarShield 4-Pack

BarShield 4-Pack.
The BarShield is a new product line designed to economically help bars and restaurants adhere to the emerging safety standards. Brought to you by the same minds who innovated the BarBlock, the BarShield is a quick-to-install partition that separates staff from patrons without a substantial visual impact.


  • Clear polycarbonate barrier
  • Custom shape to better facilitate serving of food and drink
  • Slotted mounting holes across the top to allow for stress-free installation
  • Comes packaged with hanging cables, adjustable cable terminations, and roof anchors for a variety of common ceiling types
  • Can be cleaned to a streak free finish with common bar disinfectant and a microfiber cloth
  • By following the installation guide, 10 linear feet of your bar can be fully shielded in under 45 minutes