Bar and Restaurant Owners have been crucially impacted by these unprecedented times. Being able to keep your restaurant open is challenging, even when state legislations and guidelines are constantly changing. Successfully partitioning guests becomes even more challenging when the products currently available on the market are not up to par with the design and layout of your restaurant or bar…until now. 

The BarShield is a new product line designed to economically help bars and restaurants adhere to the emerging safety standards. Brought to you by the same minds who innovated the BarBlock, the BarShield is a quick-to-install partition that separates staff from patrons without a substantial visual impact.

TAIT BarShield 1
TAIT BarShield 2

The BarShield is designed to hang from any ceiling to separate the staff from patrons while providing patrons with unobstructed views of TVs, décor, or other displays and offering staff unobstructed views of their tables and serving needs. The BarShield comes with everything you will need to hang it from drop ceiling, drywall, or architectural features such as pipes up to 14 feet tall. The only tools you will need are a ladder, tape measure, and drill! 

TAIT BarShield 3
TAIT BarShield 4


TAIT BarShield 5
TAIT BarShield 6